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The Fitness Mindset.

we resolve to go on with a health and fitness program with gusto and probably much fanfare too, but in the first week of entering the program, everything fizzles out. Why is it that we don’t stick to the diet plans, the morning jogging plans, the workout plans that we make? 
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  • What Is The Empowered Fitness Mindset?
  • Traditional Fitness Ideas vs. New Age Ideas.
  • What Does Empowerment for Fitness Mean to You?
  • ​Why Adopt The Empowerment Mindset For Fitness.
  • ​Tips For Becoming Empowered For Fitness.
  • ​The Good And Bad About The Empowerment Mindset For Fitness.
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ONE TIME OFFER: Intermittent fasting is rapidly becoming a popular choice amongst those trying to lose weight. However, it’s also popular with many other people too who want to reap its health and wellness benefits. So, what is intermittent fasting all about?

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